What to do when you encounter Windows 3.11 and NT in the wild

What to do when you encounter Windows 3.11 and NT in the wild

I know, it’s 20 years old where on earth am I going to encounter Windows 3.1? That’s what i thought too, then we encountered the mother of all laser cutting machines (and not that old) being run on Windows 3.1. Once the prerequisite ¬†nostalgia had passed we were left with a rather large issue. Windows Server 2012 and similar era Operating Systems will not talk to Windows of that age, security, NT logins. domains and a number of other issues mean that your left with an expensive server that won’t speak to an even more expensive piece of machinery.

Problem: The machines need to talk to the server to get cutter control commands and the like from CAD software so we don’t have an option regarding leaving them separate.

Solution: Take the ‘spare’ pc sitting in the corner gathering dust, install Ubuntu and Samba File server. Then map a drive to the server / CAD computer and the Laser machine. Both era’s get to meet together in neutral ground and your quarter of a million laser cutter keeps on working.

I won’t go through the step-by-steps involved here but if someone comments looking for them I’ll be happy to post.

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