The Re-brand

We outgrew the branding as we developed more and more creative projects and needed to reflect that message to others and ourselves

Colin Guilfoyle - CEO Nebula

Re-branding your logo or company when you’re as busy as we are in the Studio is not an easy decision. There is a tendency to say sure it works as it is why rock the boat. This thought went through our heads when we visited the topic in one of our internal meetings. Then we realised that this wasn’t a very good excuse not to as we had found over the last 18 months that our projects were becoming more and more ‘out there’ and also more in the innovation and creative space and the current logo made us all think of a more formal software company.

And that was the part that made us think we should keep the logo, our product Instant BSI when we started out developing it was one of our major projects and when we were pitching in the early days before Instant BSI became its own stand alone product our Nebula ‘Blue’ made sense and resonated with those target investors and customers. But now Instant BSI has its own trademark, logo, and website so we’re not expected to carry that brand forward in the core company message (it has its own project team and support structure within the company).

So then you’re thinking having looked at our new brand that it’s ‘just’ a colour change, but it’s more than that, we have never been a blue company, it’s a lovely colour and whether it’s Pokemon Team Mystic, or Chelsea, it has its place in the world, but we’re more than that. Orange is the colour of fire and creativity and those two elements alone are more in keeping with who Nebula are. We’re about innovation, creating the unusual and burning the script as it were. And it was as simple as that, it took us 3 hours (including a lunch break) to decide who we were and what we should change, and that is indicative of how we operate, fast, decisive, know who we are and willing to take a leap when we need to.

The website however….that took a lot longer….didn’t it Colin…