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Under our own company we have built software tools for workflow management in the aviation space, for others we’ve built communities for their community and an invoicing system for creatives. We build software that brings the Wow to your users.


User Experience

One of the benefits of working in games as well as software is that we get UX, we’re used to having to build games that are easy to pickup and understand and we bring that into our software too. We know that it’s the management that usually decide that they need a new tool but we remember that the users will be those entering as well as using the data and we make sure that our design and build works for everyone.



Your software might only be used in a single office or it might need to be used in an aircraft hanger in Asia, we build software that works regardless and performs the same if there is one user or 10,000. We are not beholden to one architecture but usually build on Azure to ensure we have the data centre infrastructure to support the code.



When the person driving your project combines an accountancy qualification, a post grad in innovation, and a technical mindset you get software that optimises the workflow of users and makes their lives easier. We’ll work to identify what processes can be automated, replaced or removed as a matter of course to ensure you get the tools that will make your business tick.

The Game had an audience of 5 to 85 engaged and paying attention for the full 90 minutes in an environment where we normally struggle to keep their attention for more than 10 minutes.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Call or email and ask us more, we’re a friendly bunch. Caution we have lots of ideas!