Requirements for Registering a .ie domain

Having a great memorable domain is key in todays online world and while the .com arena is full to capacity at this point of every conceivable word and their combination the .ie (.IE is the domain suffix of Irish domains in much the same way as .CO.UK is for UK based entities.) space remains relatively clear due to the stricter requirements for registering a .ie domain. In essence in .ie world is inhabited – for the most part – only by people that can justify the domain, this however can cause headaches for those wanting to apply.

The basic requirements for registering a .ie domain are that it must ‘relate to the applicant or their activities’. Furthermore if you are not based in the 32 counties then you must demonstrate a real and substantive connection with Ireland.

For companies in Ireland all that is required is the company registration number of the company and that the name relates to the domain name registered. Outside of Ireland the applicants can include a copy of their certificate of incorporation or their company number if they are based in the United Kingdom or the United States.

  • An applicant can add words to their registered company name to form a domain name assuming they relate to the companies activities, if not additional documentation may be requested by the IEDR.
  • An applicant can register domain names that have a reasonable connection with their business. This is at the discretion of the IEDR.
  • An abbreviation of the corporate name may be used instead of the full company name.
  • In Ireland, the UK, the USA or the European Community you simply need to include your trademark number with your domain application if you are registering a trademarked domain.
  • If you are applying for a domain as a licensed user of the trademark, you must provide a signed letter on headed paper from the trademark holder authorising you to register.
  • The trademark may include plurals, descriptors, or non-descriptive elements and may differ in respect of signs, symbols or punctuation.

As an individual you can register your name in a variety of combinations with relevant proof. Basically to register your given name you’ll need one of the following:

  • Drivers licence (NI or ROI Address)
  • Passport (ROI)
  • Birth Cert (NI / ROI)
  • Marriage Cert (NI / ROI)
  • Utility Bill (NI / ROI Address)
  • Tax Cert (NI / ROI Address)

If the above isn’t enough a complete list can be obtained on the IEDR website here

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