Rapportive – Putting a Face to the Email

Rapportive – Putting a Face to the Email

Like a lot of people my main business email is Outlook however I still use GMail for LinkedIn and other associated social media. Definitely one of my two favorite extensions or add-on’s for GMail is Rapportive.

Rapportive connects to your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc) to provide details on who is emailing you and their social media presence. With the faceless nature of email, this product allows you to put a face to the name and build that connection as you interact. It also provides links to connect on the relevant social media, so it’s just a matter of clicking follow for Twitter, or Add Friend for Facebook. There’s also a text space with each contact to allow you save notes for them, allowing you to do the basics of CRM without the cost.


The snip above is from the CEO of Rapportive (not that I know him), just typing his email in GMail compose gave me this detail allowing me to access all this information. The product is free and easy to use so it’s win win from my standpoint.

As always full disclosure, I use the product, I don’t know the people involved and I’m not paid to give the review. Not that I’d have said no if offered obviously.

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