Project G is now available on Steam!

  • Your wait is over, you can play Project G!
  • Pilot your sleek submarine and fight cybernetic fish-bots to save Earth
  • Your weekend starts with hours of underwater retro fun in this side-scrolling shooter!

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It is circa 2110 and humanity depends on secret marine farms for survival…

Created by a philanthropic organisation through a century’s tireless work, the aquatic farms are under threat from predators emboldened by an ecosystem in chaos. Cybernetic fish-bots were created to keep this precious food source safe. Then it happened: a glitch? A hack? All you know is that the fish-bots turned from guardians to enemies!

The Mission

  • 5 stages with 5 levels each, plus one bonus final stage!
  • Earn credits and pick up materials, then use them to upgrade your ship.
  • Select one of three kinds of special weapons to take with you into each battle.
  • Unlock the location of Earth’s final hope, the main research lab of Giga Corp.


Level2_1 Level2 Level4_1 Level4_2 Level5 SjipSelect


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