“Project G” Development Log: Part 4

“Project G” Development Log: Part 4

Yay Graphics!

So the time has come, our artist has supplied a bounty of graphics and I couldn’t wait to get them in-game. Now usually I wouldn’t be in any hurry to swap out placeholders, however we were aiming to get Project G on Steam GreenLight for December, which requires us to make a trailer and take some screenshots. Now as beautiful as I find my player and enemy triangles (of various sizes AND colors! ) they don’t make for the most exciting screenshots. As well as needing graphics in for a trailer, were were also bringing Project G along to Eirtakon for play-testing, so we needed to make it presentable sooner rather then later.



Let me put my face on…

I started by swapping out the level graphics. We had some rough background images in place so we could get the layers scrolling and layering etc. These where swapped out for the actual graphics and a layer was dropped as the background became too busy. Next we swapped out the enemy triangles for the current enemy art. Although some of these enemies will be animated later, for now we were happy to get the static sprites in. I also swapped in an image of our ship with all tier one parts equipped. The ship will be up-gradable and thus made of many parts, however for now a single static image would do. With the level graphics in and some placeholder stock sounds implemented we were ready for our first public play-testing.



That’ll do pig, that’ll do..

Next I worked on swapping in the graphics for the player stat screen. We knew we wanted to show the up-gradable nature of the ship in our Greenlight trailer so I needed to get it presentable. This took a while as there were a lot of buttons and toggles, each with their own active/ non-active and disabled graphics. With all the old gray placeholders swapped out for the new graphics I must admit it looked much more photogenic. There will likely be tweaks to the graphics and definitely some nice transition animations/ highlighting going on in the future but for now I can get back to working on the games functionality, and most importantly, Gameplay!


We could really do with your support to get Project G Greenlit!

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