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Using our skills in coding and our passion for making we specialise in prototyping and building proof of concepts and complete solutions using Connected Devices and Sensors. From our joint venture DigiPool to the Sampling Machine to The Prize Wheel, we’ve built real world devices using the latest in connected technology. We have at hand 3D printers, controller boards, sensors, motors, leds and can create amazing experiences and products for clients.

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Making use of the Internet Of Things to do something useful is a skill in itself, we build products that use the endless possibilities of the IOT revolution to connect everything together, from a text message when your sampling device is out of stock, to a pool table that knows what ball you’ve potted and who’s turn it is we build intelligence into our systems to deliver on your vision.



Speed is key when iterating through the creative process, you need to be able to build – evaluate – learn – repeat so that you quickly get to the point where it’s a working device for testing with users. Once you know it works we can then send it for mass production with the relevant 3rd Parties.

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We operate all our projects in sprints, our companies have patents granted and in progress, we are good at what we do and pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. We’ve a number of case studies for review on the site where you can see how we took ideas from design to build / test in less than 5 days and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Call or email and ask us more, we’re a friendly bunch. Caution we have lots of ideas!