Energy Team

Energy Ambassadors

Energy Team approached us in 2016 with a goal of engaging attendees of their renewable energy community training program. Delivered to a wide variety of demographics we had to make sure people were engaged and in tandem identify those who should be approached afterwards with further information / proposals.

ClientEnergy Team
ToolsUnity 3D
PlatformAndroid + Windows PC


Keeping the Room Alive

Delivering this product meant we had to walk in the attendees shoes somewhat. Not only did we have members of the audience from 8 – 80 years old but we also had to ensure that the technology didn’t take up the time allowed for the program itself. Audience members had to be able to pick up a tablet, enter a few details and just ‘get it’.


Making the Game Add Value

Once you have the audience engaged and participating you have to deliver results. The games output at the end was a list (importable into their CRM) that indicated both their learning outcome (for future funders) and also a list of potential customers based on buying signals during the game. People interested in Solar Panels could be targeted differently than Electric Source Heat Pumps…All things we learned while creating the game!