To create a 360 Walkthrough you need to follow the video below. Main steps are also indicated below the video with screenshots.


To make the images efficient they should be resized down to at most 2400px high by 4800 px wide

To add a 360 Tour select iPanorama 360 and Click Add New

After giving the show a name at the top select the + sign and add a scene per the following images. More scenes can be added by repeating the process.

To choose where someone starts their journey from pan the camera around by dragging the mouse until you are happy with the direction you’re pointing

Once happy select the down arrows to apply the location to your scene

To Add Hotspots have the scene you’re adding them to open and select Hotspots, then select the + on the left and fill in the details per the following images. To add more hotspots repeat the process.

To move the hotspot use the Yaw and Pitch controls Yaw = left/right Pitch = up/down. To get your hotspot in the right location at the start before hitting ‘+’ at the start have the image centred where you’d like the hotspot to appear.

Choose the scene you want the hotspot to go to.

In General Settings choose auto load.

Copy the short code including the [ ] brackets.

To add to your property select the property from the properties section as you would normally and in the 360 Virtual Tour area paste the shortcode.

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