Merging Innovation + Gaming to Create a Unique Agency that Breaks the Mould. Design Thinking with Real World Results

Merging the Creative Skills of Gaming and Graphic Arts with the more Technical Skills of Programming and Engineering we have made Nebula into one of the leading innovation companies in Ireland. We have worked with clients in all areas to create apps, games, new technology and even a pool table!

Talk to us today if you have a technology idea that you want to bring to reality (maybe even Virtual Reality?!), a business problem you want to solve, or a process you want to gamify. We pride ourselves on investing in your vision and being a part of your team to make not only the product you wanted but going the extra mile to make it even better.

Our Services

Game Development

Creating games for Mobile, PC and Interactive Venues
We build games for most platforms up to and including console so if you have a game you want built or an experience you want to gamify talk to us. More information can be found in our portfolio.

Application Development

We build custom applications that can run on mobile, web or standalone for most devices and operating systems. We also specialise in identifying the process involved and translating them into an easy to use workflow for the users.
When you need to translate an industrial workflow process into an easy to use system you have to be able to think like a developer and a user all at once. We do that for you making sure that whatever we build is popular with all users!

IOT and Innovation

We build connected solutions and prototypes
From Arduino to Raspberry Pi to bespoke RFID hubs we build software and solutions that connect to everything and anything. We specialise in fast prototyping of products and have our own 3D printer and other tools to make them in-house. We work on the basis that anything is possible we just need to figure it out.

Our works

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of theocean.

Meet The Team

We are a team of professional and innovative people eager to create


WE only use top tier technology


Unity 3D is an industry standard which allows us to build games for Web, Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), PC, Mac and Console. If you want a game Unity 3D will enable us to build it.

Microsoft Azure

We use Microsoft Azure platform and .NET core to bring most of our web applications to life. This allows us to utilise the Microsoft Azure Server infrastructure and Data Centers across the world to serve our solutions reliably and securely.

High Technology equipments

We build solutions that work and don’t let technology get in the way. We have built and deployed solutions using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Impinj and others.

Over the years we've made some waves in the press

We sometimes get noticed...

From Awards to Viral games we’ve made headlines from time to time. And when we do we celebrate it but we rather get the satisfaction of making a customer happy and creating something new and innovative. When we have both happen, well that’s just the best feeling ever…

Contact us

The Mill Enterprise Hub, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co Louth A92 CD3D