Gamification of Learning – Client Study

As a lover of all things environmentally friendly it was a match made in heaven when Energy Team came to us looking for us to create a new way of learning that would engage people of all levels to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency in the home.

We set about creating a game that was simple to use as we knew complications or unfamiliar interfaces would scare some people off and cause frustration instead of engagement. We also knew that complications meant time explaining and we wanted this to be the most simple of game concepts to build on the core messages of Energy Team and not delay the class with ‘how do I’ questions.

The result is a quiz show game that plays on a PC touch screen at the front of the class and each ‘contestant’ has a handheld tablet that allows them answer questions throughout. The quiz master ‘Bill’ asks questions when called upon by the presenter while they give guidance on the topic at hand. As you can see from the video, it has proven to be very successful and popular with audiences of all ages. The leader board and each person having a quirky avatar means that there is a fun element while the competitiveness of the audience leads to increased attention to the learning and questions each round.

Some of the more innovative aspects of the quiz happen in the background with all the questions being logged with answers from the audience to provide a real time picture of the class knowledge and intentions after the training. By doing this Energy Team can identify areas for further exploration and provide the attendees with follow up information based on their expressed interests (eg solar panels) and options for installation.