Game Launch Prep – What We’ve Done

There is an air of nervous excitement around Nebula HQ this week as we count down to our first PC game launch. Everyone has their nose to the development grindstone and the task list is being checked off as we get closer to launch day. We decided to launch Friday 13th May as it had a nice ring to it, even though none of us are superstitious we’ll still be watching for black cats on Friday, just in case we’re wrong!

Game Launch Sleep Chart

So what happens in the weeks leading up to a game launch? Well first you find out how little you really need to sleep. The chart above should have a T+1 Week where it’s 24hr sleep but we’re not sure that’s the case yet especially since we’ve already started preliminary work on our next release (spoiler!) In the weeks post launch we’ll get the Graphic Artists and Developer / Programmers perspective but below are the key tasks we’ve completed outside of actually making the game itself in the last 3-4 Weeks.

  • Trailer – We have made sure to have a polished trailer for the release, having rushed to complete a couple for Greenlight we decided that this one needed to be shorter, more concise and still convey both storyline and gameplay. Nadia was given the task and when she is adequately recovered we’ll link to a blog on the process!
  • Steam Store Assets – We needed to get the store listing together and thankfully like all other things we’ve had to do on steam the documentation was more than sufficient. Sizes, formats, placements all neatly organised for our Graphic Artist and Designer to work their magic.
  • Physical Promotional Assets – T-Shirts, Posters, Flyers all have to be designed and printed. We are lucky enough to know some amazing printers for both posters and t-shirts so the turnaround time and quality here were excellent.Game Launch - T-Shirts
  • Special Edition – We created a limited run of 50 physical copies of the game, complete with T-Shirt, and Art Cards. We decided with the retro theme of the game to go with a game box inspired by those boxes we were familiar with in the 90’s. Keep your eyes peeled for some competitions later on to win one.Game Launch - Game box
  • Press Release – We circulated a press release via our marketing agency and also to the local press here in Ireland directly. Having made headlines with Water Meter Dash we are lucky enough to have made a number of contacts in the Irish Media. Coverage has already started and we’ll be sharing some of it on our social channels as the launch approaches.
  • Interviews – On the back of the press release we’ve been doing interviews, both in person, emailed and live on air. While they can be nerve wracking they are a necessary part of the launch and allow you to get across your message and that of the studio in general.
  • Photos – Because we are proud of our little studio and it’s local heritage we wanted to get a number of pictures for our press release and other pr items. Knowing as we do an awesome photographer Jason McCarthy we got out and about and took photos in the local area. Pictured below are most of the team standing in front of the Boyne Viaduct.Game Launch - Team Photo

We’ll share more post launch but until then, sit back watch the trailer and order today!

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