Not only are Nebula an established publisher of iOS (Apple), Android and PC games, we also create games under contract for 3rd parties. Whether you’re looking to make the most of an event, reach new audiences or apply gamification to your product we can help!

We love working on unique and new concepts and projects so if you want to bring gaming to your product, company or classroom let us know. We’ll make your dreams a reality, possibly even virtual reality!

The Energy Ambassadors

As a lover of all things environmentally friendly it was a match made in heaven when Energy Team came to us looking for us to create a new way of learning that would engage people of all levels to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency in the home.

We set about creating a game that was simple to use as we knew complications or unfamiliar interfaces would scare some people off and cause frustration instead of engagement. We also knew that complications meant time explaining and we wanted this to be the most simple of game concepts to build on the core messages of Energy Team and not delay the class with ‘how do I’ questions.

The result is a quiz show game that plays on a PC touch screen at the front of the class and each ‘contestant’ has a handheld tablet that allows them answer questions throughout. The quiz master ‘Bill’ asks questions when called upon by the presenter while they give guidance on the topic at hand. As you can see from the video, it has proven to be very successful and popular with audiences of all ages. The leader board and each person having a quirky avatar means that there is a fun element while the competitiveness of the audience leads to increased attention to the learning and questions each round.

Some of the more innovative aspects of the quiz happen in the background with all the questions being logged with answers from the audience to provide a real time picture of the class knowledge and intentions after the training. By doing this Energy Team can identify areas for further exploration and provide the attendees with follow up information based on their expressed interests (eg solar panels) and options for installation.

Project G

The story:
The year is 2110 and humanity depends on secret marine farms for survival. Created by a philanthropic organisation through a century’s tireless work, the aquatic farms are under threat from predators emboldened by an ecosystem in chaos. Cybernetic fish-bots were created to keep this precious food source safe.

Then it happened: a glitch?
A hack?

All you know is that the fish-bots turned from guardians to enemies. Now you stand between the human race and extinction.

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Shinobi Sprint

Put your ninja reflexes to the test, guide your shinobi and try for a high score!

Run through this ninja world while trying to duck and jump over the many obstacles, careful as it gets more difficult and addictive the further you get into it. Try for a high score and watch out for those spiders!

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Woolly Word

Help Wilbert the Sheep rescue his friends from the evil trolls by solving over 150 word search puzzles (and more being added regularly).

Lovers of word games and casual games in general will appreciate the intuitive gameplay and design which makes it easy to pick up, hard to put down.

Among other great features you’ll find:

– 150+ Levels
– Multiple Game Modes
– Offline use – You can Play on the Plane!!
– Great Sounds and Music
– Puns, lots and lots of Puns!

Words can be diagonal, horizontal and vertical either forwards or backwards. And unlike some other wordsearch games you aren’t expected to be nimble fingered just to select a diagonal. The word positions randomise every time you play so replaying a level gives you a whole new grid!

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Heli Tank

What’s better than a tank? A Heli Tank of course, battle your way through endless swarms of bad guys, obstacles and helicopters. Wreak havoc with the greatest weapon ever created..The Heli Tank.

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Water Meter Dash

You are Peter Splash, and you have the unenviable job of reading water meters on a busy Irish Street. Trying to stop you are angry protesters, even angrier

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Road Trip Smash

Take your 4 wheel drive on-road and avoid all the crazy drivers. You’re big enough to run over a few cars but watch out for those trucks! An endless racer where the speed and difficulty increases as you progress. How high will you score?

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