Evolution of a TED Talk

October 14th saw Colin Guilfoyle (me) deliver a TEDx talk in Tallaght to a sold out Tallaght Civic Theatre. It was an amazing experience and allowed me to showcase the message of Kesho Town and also to promote the idea of charity not being a chore or a guilt trip. One of the most enlightening things for me was to witness the evolution of a talk from initial concept to actual delivery.

The talk was to be 7 minutes, with minimal slides and no notes, teleprompter or whisperers in the corner. I originally thought about structuring the talk in a game like manner with the audience levelling up as the talk progressed. Sounds wonderful to a gamer but as someone pointed out not everyone in the audience would know about games or levels so that was eventually dropped. Which was somewhat of a pity as I’d already had all the images drafted / drawn up. For posterity they’re included below via slideshare to show what we were thinking.

After meeting with the professional speech coach though it was decided to make it a bit more real and relevant to Kesho Town as it was more relatable. Plus I really wanted to put some humour in there as the whole purpose of the talk was that giving should be fun and engaging. When we finally got our talk together it ended up looking nothing like the original and without context some of it is a bit strange (not least of which is that Mr T gets to be the first slide). Plus the subject went from Giving Through Gaming to Ending Poverty by Ending Charity, a bit more shocking but that’s kind of the point for what is a YouTube Channel with a huge number of videos per day being uploaded.

The final slides are below, plus you can see photo stream on Flickr here : https://flic.kr/s/aHsknjvkx8


The talk is now up on the youTube channel so check it out here: https://youtu.be/FDOCln1GnUs

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