DKIT GameJam 2018


We are delighted to say that our GameJam in association with DKIT last Thursday was a great success! From the get go, there was a great buzz around the room. Students were organised into their groups with a great mix of people from all stages of the Games Development course. Starting at 9am, students had 12 hours to build the best game they could with the theme being ‘Easter’. Some hilarious ideas came out of the theme which we weren’t expecting. Two prize categories were up for grabs, one for “Best Design And Concept” and another for “Most Developed Game”. The groups worked hard all day from conceptualization to development. We even had our own Nebula representative, Fiach, on a team who stepped out of the office to join in the competition.

The groups quickly got to know each other and delegated work based on their strengths and weaknesses showing real communication. It was great to see people come together and work so well as a team. Throughout the day, the judges and other staff members were there to act as mentors.


Take a look at the footage here: 

GameJam Timelapse

GameJam Trailer


There was a large presence of coffee, energy drinks and pizza to fuel the hard workers. At 7:30pm, each group presented their concepts and then we headed back to the lab to see the demos. This really gave a feel to the work that went into the games. After the demonstrations, the judges went off to discuss all of the projects and cherry-pick the best two for the winning categories. Throughout the day, the trophy plaques were 3D printing for the winning groups.

The end result was a truly great mix of games, from board games to VR. One group built an interesting egg hunting game that was played via the HTC Vive. Another group suited up with a motion capture suit to animate their characters. One group even took a horror angle on Easter and there were some very creepy humanoid bunny rabbits chasing you around a maze! The well-deserving winners in the end were:

“Most Developed Game” – Egg Hunt.

Team members: Charlie Behan, Christopher Boyle, Tomas Smith, Keelan Murphy, Ben Watt and Dylan Coburn.

“Best Concept and Design” – Bloody Friday.

Team members: Tierna Lawless, Conor Curtis, Rian McGoldrick, Mathew Rowe, Cameron Scholes, Jing Zui and Kieran Keegan.

It’s safe to say it was a fun and successful day enjoyed by all involved. Well done to all teams involved and special thanks to all the staff who worked with us in hosting this event.