Develop:Brighton 2017

We’re just back from Develop:Brighton 2017 and it was another successful trip again this year. We got to catch up with a number of past employees and contractors, find new interesting people to work with and this year Colin double jobbed by both speaking on the Thursday and participated on a panel discussion on the Wednesday.

The key discoveries / outcomes for this year were definitely

  • VR and 360 are here to stay and only going to get even more immersive with the advent of 5G on mobile
  • The balance of art to programmers at Develop continues to improve and we managed to meet a number of talented 3D artists for our current *top secret* project
  • Brenda Romero is f***ing funny (said with the best NY accent)
  • Games and Gamification are huge right now outside of just the usual computer channels and their use in other industries is growing
  • Motion Capture has come on dramatically in the last number of years and Vicon’s offering which they had on display is one of those systems that is going to really speed up the animation process (This review may be biased by the fact they gave away free Lego Men on the day)

We’ll break out some of the discoveries into their own blog posts in the coming weeks but overall the show was a wealth of information again. Speaking as always provides a nice insight into all aspects of a conference and to get invited back for a second year was evidence that we’re at least covering some of the topics that studios/ devs find interesting.


Develop:Brighton Game Development talk by Colin Guilfoyle
View from the i360 over the hilton hotel for Develop Brighton 2017
Mocap company at develop Brighton

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