When it comes to building engaging and high quality user experiences for Tourism and Hospitality you want to know that your software development team are used to working in that field. Here at Nebula we’ve built web apps, mobile apps and custom installations in this space for years.

Case Studies

Some examples of our work and what we can do.

Hygiene Audits

Hygiene Audits is a workflow and auditing platform for the nursing home and healthcare market. It allows the operation, management, and auditing of the Hygiene and Infection Control element of operations in Healthcare environments. Using the app helps reduce infections by 70%.

Smart Watch Health

While we can't give the customer for confidentiality reasons we built a custom Apple Watch app that linked with a BLE Sensor embedded in patients to monitor their vitals and upload them to the cloud for analysis. We later built a companion iPhone app to do the job also.

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