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Building on our experience and backgrounds in the Aviation Space, Nebula has built software used around the world for Borescope Inspections and more. In a space that needs reliability, resilience and availability you can trust us to deliver.

Case Studies

Some examples of our work and what we can do.

Instant BSI

Borescope Inspections take place every day on engines around the world. Usually not where the decision makers are, Instant BSI was built from the ground up to facilitate the sharing and analysis of this data by the people who need it as it's happening.

Venuu Guide

We built this SaaS mapping software to allow locations and visitor centres manage maps on interactive screens around their Venue. Custom map pins, touch screen pop over information for the location and the ability to update data yourself remotely .

YourWay Ireland

We were approached to make a site that allowed people to create their ideal trip to Ireland. Including routes, attractions and generating a sales lead at the other side for our customer. Delivering an engaging, intuitive experience that brings the customer on their journey seamlessly.

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