Concepts For Kesho Town

Concepts For Kesho Town

Aside from Water Meter Dash‘s graphics and overall look (among other projects in progress), I have also been creating some art on Nebula’s other big project, Kesho Town. As the art style was established early in the games development, I would have to create new elements while keeping the style consistent with the original work.

Tsega is the first and main character you will see on Kesho Town‘s media and gameplay, so the rest of the cast must match her ‘aesthetic’. Some of the first designs I made were of Tsega’s parents. And later on, Tsega’s school friends and teacher.

The Kesho Town School.

However, for more reoccurring assets such as rocks, trees, farmland, etc, I had to do some research into the landscape of our game. I searched up images from the southern African continent, as well as consulted our own in-studio library. First, I began painting a few studies, loosely referenced from photographs. This would help me in deciding appropriate assets for the game, but also subtle details, like deciding a colour palette for future asset design.

Tree studyLandscape study

Not only would the scenery aim to look authentic, I also researched images of developing towns, to see what would be built there with the help of charity organisations. This well, as a main example, would be a prompt for an in-game task, but, like the school mentioned above, it’s also part of Kesho Town‘s narrative.

Well concept

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