Computer Migration Checklist – Download a Copy

Changing form one computer to another should be a happy joyous occasion – I mean who doesn’t want new stuff. However the actual process of moving from one piece of hardware to another is often times slow, frustrating and can lead to unforeseen costs. After many many migrations you get to learn what’s required and the pitfalls but it’s very easy to miss an item or make assumptions which can cost you. Therefore a computer migration checklist is key to getting the systems in place quickly and efficiently every time. We’ve included 2 copies of the Computer Migration Checklist we use here one with sample data from our last migration and the other a blank one for your use. Feel free to suggest additional items in the comments so we can keep the list updated.

Below are some insights into the list and what to watch for.

  1. Get a signature at the end – seems strange I know the last thing on the list is the first thing on this list but the bane of all installations is the never ending saga. Get the end user to sign off and at least there’s a line in the sand and the end user will be much more likely to check everything there and then.
  2. Pre Hardware Purchase make sure you’ve answered a few of the questions in the Pre Move section for the proposed operating system as updating your MS Office, Adobe and accounts system can change a €600 Laptop install into a €5000 new server project if you’re not careful. The most expensive I’ve seen was 5 CAD Workstations that led to an additional €10k in Software purchases. Ouch.
  3. Do not underestimate how difficult it can be to find product keys, there are tools out there to help but some are near impossible to extract without contacting the supplier – and you had better hope they pay that supplier for support.
  4. Installing new software should be easy and with media it’s easier but ensure there is a reference for how to map to server versions etc. When you start hearing ODBC connection changes we suggest you check if the software vendor is on speed dial.
  5. Give the end user an honest expectation of down-time while doing the move, telling them it’ll only take an hour and it takes 2 is a lot more frustrating for everyone concerned than telling them 3 hours and you deliver in 2.

Download your Computer Migration Checklist


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