One thing new and expanding SME’s can need is a portfolio of commercial work to allow them showcase their talents. However in today’s competitive world this can not only be really tough it can also be near on impossible when even offering to do these things for free to get noticed.

Once solution for those in the more design end of the spectrum is to use sites such as Fiverr®  ( which allows sellers to offer their services for $5 and up. The aim is that the initial service (say logo creation) is $5 but if you want full colour or scalable vector images you might pay $40.

A simple solution but one that allows for some fantastic commercial reference sites, and with more credibility than your mom’s bridge club and the local grocery store Christmas flyer 2013.

Plus if you need a logo for your latest project then $5 ain’t half bad!

– full transparency I’ve used the service in the past but I make no revenue from this recommendation.

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