3 Years Old

It only feels like yesterday that Nebula came into existence but as we hit March 10th we celebrate 3 years in business. Firstly we have to thank our customers who’ve shown their faith in us, especially those who trusted us in year 1 as a fledgling company. We also wanted to celebrate with an acknowledgement of what has happened and changed over the 3 years so we created a ‘little’ infographic to show the story. It’s not everything by a long shot but we were amused to see how much longer each year became in terms of content and achievements and can only take that to mean we’re doing something right.

In addition we’ve undergone a full re-branding exercise to better reflect the company and it’s offering with a new logo, and taken our services into an overall umbrella term of ‘Digital Agency’ which better describes the many different pillars that our company now operates on. We’ve also taken the tagline of Boosting your Brand with Boundless Creativity and Innovative Technology Solutions which we feel keeps the ‘space’ theme of Nebula and builds a true message from it. We’ll do a full post on that too later in the week and stay tuned for other fun things that have happened lately as Nebula continues to grow and move forward.

Check out the infographic below