Software Development.

Creations that Wow is what we aim for in Nebula. Every project we look to not just meet the brief but to improve on it and deliver something that makes you and your customers stand back in awe. We believe that by investing ourselves in your vision we can take your product idea or problem you want to solve and make something that delivers on every level, emotional, rational, functional and visually.

Tourism & Hospitality

Whether it's a custom visitor centre map, to a plan your own adventure Irish Tourism Site Nebula can deliver the custom development needed to make the project a reality.

Aviation & Travel

Working on software that meets the difficult and challenging nature of the Aviation space is no problem here at Nebula. We've built custom applications used around the world by aviation professionals.


Education in the post 2020 world is much more online than before. Utilising our expertise in Gamification and Software Development we can build tools that will educate and engage customers and staff remotely.


From Nursing Homes, to hospitals we've developed software that is in use across Ireland and helping to save lives. We can work to the stringent requirements of the space and have proven ourselves to be able to deliver.

Your Software Development Partner.

Working with our customers to deliver products that scale, serve their staff and customers and deliver the Wow factor.

Developers on Tap

We have a core team of engineers and designers working with us in Dublin, Ireland and will put the right developers on your project.

Project Management

Your project will get a project manager who liaises with you every step of the way. From the initial take on to the final delivery you will have someone to speak directly with.

Building more than software

Our developments for customers have always been about delivering value and quality. We integrate into your business and build what you need and bring your team along too, be that with training, support, or customer documentation we act as if we were your actual IT development staff.

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