Quick Steps for when the Internet Goes Down

Quick Steps for when the Internet Goes Down

Those people that watched the IT crowd will know that the scene when the ‘internet’ gets destroyed in an office brawl but sometimes we see very similar scenes when the connection drops and suddenly we’ve lost email, and web access.

Knowing what to do to identify the issue is the best way of avoiding the panic and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Below are the quick win steps to identify what’s gone wrong and hopefully fix the issue.

Question Answer Solution
Who is offline? Just me Then it’s not the internet, your pc may need a restart or check the network cable / WiFi
Can you access the Server No Check the switch, then check the server – it’s an internal issue. Quickest way to fix is to restart both.
Can you ping your gateway* No Probably your firewall or modem, restart both (usually by pulling their respective plugs – plug back in modem first then firewall about 2 minutes after.
Still no Internet? Correct Do a final round of cable checks, remove the DSL filter if there is one, then restart the modem and firewall. If you still have issues after this ring your broadband provider as it looks like that’s the issue.

You’ll notice that a lot of this is very IT Crowd in that you need to try turning it off and back on again, this is what solves the vast majority of computer issues and is the first port of call in a lot of trouble shooting. IT pro’s will check logs and identify the issues but a restart is the crudest and most effective way to clear loops, frozen services and locked processes without needing to know everything about everything.

* to find your gateway go here as it’s explained for each operating system.

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