Presenting Slideshows Offsite. 5 great options to wow – reliably

Presenting Slideshows Offsite. 5 great options to wow – reliably

In a previous existence many moons ago I had the glamorous task of travelling to meet companies and present slideshows offsite. I had to be able to travel light and fast via plane, ferry and automobile (no John Candy with me thankfully!) and when I arrived onsite give a presentation that was professional, consistent and most importantly successful. Not an easy task when you turn up and they do / don’t have a projector, with / without a hdmi port, with / without a projector screen…. you get the picture. Basically you had to have everything with you to ensure that what you displayed was not dependent on their accommodation for the meeting. Below are my 5 recommendations for presenting slideshows offsite some battle tested others arrived too late to save me the back ache on my travels:

5. Portable Screen

– I travelled with a Nobo Projector Screen (linked via picture below) that rolled up into a neat tube and the only requirement was a table to place it on. It was perfect for getting the message across but did mean you had to check it into oversized baggage with the airlines.

NOBO Portable Screen Desktop – Projection screen – 49 in ( 125 cm ) – 4:3

These days I prefer the Nobo Screen Ultra Portable option though it would be small for bigger presentations at A2 in size.

Nobo Screen Ultra Portable Fold-out 4-3 Format 2kg A2 600x450mm Ref 1902602

Whichever suits your requirements you need to remember when presenting that everything is in what they see, we were demoing software most of the time and asking them to imagine the screens ‘whiter’ or ‘more focused’ isn’t going to cut it with your viewers – no matter what they may tell you to the contrary.

4. Sound

– It may not feature in your presentation (thought it should be a consideration in today’s multimedia world) but if it does then sound should be clear and not from your laptop speakers even if they’re super-dee-duper as laptop speakers are designed for someone sitting in front of a laptop not people sitting in front of a nearby projector screen. Consider a wireless option for portability etc but bear in mind that you’ll need to make sure you’ve batteries at the ready. Better still a wireless / usb hybrid that can take power from the USB or work off charge when there is some. I’d recommend something like the Pure Jongo S340B Wireless speaker which offers near 360 degree sound and works via bluetooth and wifi with 10 hours play from a single charge.

Pure Jongo S340B Wireless speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth – Black

3. Power Strip

– This may seem like the most pointless and boring entry on the chart, yet for over 50% of the meetings I’ve been in this has been an issue. Think back, how many times have you been in a meeting room to discover the plug sockets at the complete other side of the room or just one socket for 3 devices? A 5m extension lead with 4 sockets is a must and stick a travel adapter in there so when you go abroad at the last minute you aren’t stuck playing square pegs and round holes with your plugs. Masterplug make one that’s surge protected too and very compact.

Masterplug SRGD45PB-MP 5m Surge Protected Extension Lead Power Block with 4 Sockets

2. Projector

– Key to everything and definitely cannot be overlooked. Smaller is better here again and you’ve a hundred and one options to keep you shopping for hours. One thing that has become much more common and come down in price is LED based projectors which cut down on both size but also are less likely to end up with a smashed bulb or similar after you disembark. Also you avoid the dreaded fan noise from hell which a lot of older projectors suffer from while trying to keep everything cool, indeed the really cheap ones can give the impression your presenting from the back of a 737. The Pico Genie M400 is expensive but when you see the size and the capabilities you’ll understand why it’s a gem for the travelling presenter.

Pico Genie M400 Ultra Portable 2D/3D LED Palm Projector (300 Lumens) with USB/HDMI/VGA Capabilities (Black/Grey)

Alternatively if you want to look ultra modern and are kitted out with an iPhone  then consider the General Imaging Ipico Projector though be prepared for much lower brightness and resolution. If you want a very sexy elevator pitch though this might just set you apart.

General Imaging Ipico Projector for iPhone/iPod

1. Change it up

– The other 5 are the equipment and heaven knows we like gadgets here but if the message sucks or sends the audience reaching to crush candy on their phones then it’ll all have been for naught. Multimedia is key here these days – when appropriate think animated gifs circa 1999 – however done right you can get the message across consistently without breaking a sweat. Powtoon is any incredibly easy to use online slideshow creator that you need to see to get the full benefit.


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