Project G – Steam Greenlight

Project G – Steam Greenlight

The mobile market has been good to us and we won’t be abandoning it completely however the evolution of Nebula sees us now move to PC gaming through Steam with our first application for their Greenlight program. For those not familiar, Steam Greenlight is the system where Steam users (A game / app store for Desktops and Laptops) vote on whether your game is something they would buy and therefore that Steam will list in their store.

So this brings us to our first PC release Project G a side scrolling shooter (Shmup) that puts you in control of a hi-tech sub battling your way into the depths of earths oceans.
– Five levels of non stop action
– Three tiers to upgrade your ship
– Fight fantastic bosses and defeat bizarre enemies as you dive deeper
– Collect boosts to give you that helping hand

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The story:

    The year is 2150, the earth’s population numbers 10,000.
    The Cybernetic Organism population numbers in the millions. Humanity created an ecosystem to keep the earth in balance.
    But something has gone very wrong.
    Within Earths oceans, cybernetic fish are destroying what’s left of the ecosystem they were assigned to protect.
    You must pilot your sub aquatic craft to the depths of the ocean, and find out what is causing this chaos…

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