Knowing who has blacklisted your email address

Knowing who has blacklisted your email address

Spam filters do a great job of filtering out the invitations to launder money for retired generals and get medication to aide in your night life but sometimes you can be on the receiving end of a blacklisting and it can be very frustrating to get off the list.

First off though if you are blacklisted then chances are you earned it and need to remove the cause first before getting de-listed as repeat offenders will take a long time to get de-listed. This is one for your IT support as it’ll involve log trawling and firewall tweaking but in the event that you know what caused it (a computer had a virus or malware) you can do the dirty work yourself.

First you need to know what list you’re on. To do this go to the website and make a note of your ip address (this needs to be done from inside your network) – and I have no idea how they came up with this site name but it is always a bit of a laugh.

With this in hand go to and put the IP address into the box and Blacklist Check. This will tell you who’s listed you. In each case there will be a detail link that gives you the list source and from there you can set about requesting a de-list. Bear in mind some sites will look for you to be registered (free) but it should be an easy enough process.

This can take up to 48 hours to filter out to all the spam filters but you should be back up and running with most within the hour.

The only exception to this in the main is when Google GMail decide you’re blacklisted. When this happens be prepared for a long wait but get the ball rolling by going to their report a problem site and filling in the details.

In the end however prevention is better than cure and I’ll do a separate post on the steps to mitigating the risks at a later date.

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