Getting Sold a White Elephant Solution

Getting Sold a White Elephant Solution

One of the most expensive and largest servers we’ve come across in an inherited site sits in an office with 4 users. They use about 15% of it’s capacity 2 years in and following an audit of licencing it turned out it wasn’t even correctly licensed and cost them an additional few quid to get back in Microsoft’s good books.

This is an example of a company being duped by an IT provider to purchase something that a. way exceeds their requirements and b. is much more expensive than they had right or need to spend.

Most IT resellers and consultancies are above board and genuinely have the best interests of the customer at heart (like us!). However there are the Trotters inc out there that will sell whatever they can get away with and then move on to their next victim.

When using an IT partner you need to have both trust and transparency. If you’re getting a major project implemented ask to see another reference project that they’ve implemented, get documentation that explains their choices and if they are a relatively new partner get some customer references. The really good partners will have this on hand and their customers will be only too happy to recommend.

It’s the same as all areas in life, if you buy a car you ask a third party mechanic or read reviews and ask knowledgeable friends, otherwise you can end up with the NCT bomber or a petrol drinking tank.

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