Everything you need to Remember in Evernote

Everything you need to Remember in Evernote

I have what has got to be one of the worst memories at times. I see things online, or out and about and I want to remember but there isn’t a hope that I will at the end of a busy day travelling here there and everywhere.

Evernote allows you to clip web articles, entire web pages, images, mobile photos, everything and store it in the cloud. The items can be tagged, and accessed from most mobile devices and workstations / laptops.

The free version has a monthly upload limit (100mb) but will do for most uses. Premium ups this to a 1Gb.

With the business version you can also share between staff, present from notes quickly and all without having to use vpn’s or similar.

I can honestly say this is the single greatest productivity tool I’ve put on my smart phone, and makes my life a whole lot easier.

As always for transparency I am a user of this app (constantly) however I make no money from endorsing it here.

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