Download a New User Start Form – Free

Download a New User Start Form – Free

Getting it right is always important but when a new user starts you want to hit the ground running and ensure that they have the best possible experience from day one. To that end it is always advisable to fill in a new user form to ensure that there is a record of what was installed, what access was given and what credentials they should be using. Click here to download a new user start form now.

Tips for Usage:

  • To use it effectively ensure that you have a list going in of requirements for the user and where applicable an associated approval from the system owner.
  • Ensure the password is temporary, don’t leave documentation around with fixed passwords.
  • Note share lettering if you’re not deploying a login script as it’ll be invaluable for remote support when the user rings to say they can’t find their ‘s’ drive.
  • When you’re done get them to sign to agree it was done, that way if an application or permission is changed there’s a record at least that you didn’t just imagine installing it!
  • Give a copy to the end user so they have a reference to start with, it’ll ensure they know their email address / username and won’t be left wondering what they were after that long weekend spent in the pub.

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