Help! Unity Project Won’t Open Anymore!

I crashed Unity again, oh well… This would be my usual response to Unity suddenly crashing on me. This happens quite a bit when I’m working with animations in particular, most likely because the project […]


Fixing Chrome HTTPS Error from latest release

So Chrome went live yesterday with a rather large hole left in the release. If you’re technically minded and want the full story check out: But if you just want to get your sites […]


Quick Steps for when the Internet Goes Down

Those people that watched the IT crowd will know that the scene when the ‘internet’ gets destroyed in an office brawl but sometimes we see very similar scenes when the connection drops and suddenly we’ve lost email, and web access.

Knowing what to do to identify the issue is the best way of avoiding the panic and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Below are the quick win steps to identify what’s gone wrong and hopefully fix the issue.


Bouncing Email – How to Diagnose the Issue

Getting Non Delivery Report (NDR) notifications can be very frustrating for all concerned, particularly when the email was critical, or when you get bombarded with a number all at once.

The trick when figuring the issues is to not make any assumptions but to calmly look at the failure notification and try spot what has caused the issue. More often than not the notice will have a solid reason – albeit buried deep inside a heap of computer jargon and general nonsense!