Develop:Brighton 2017

We’re just back from Develop:Brighton 2017 and it was another successful trip again this year. We got to catch up with a number of past employees and contractors, find new interesting people to work with […]

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Gamification of Learning – Client Study

As a lover of all things environmentally friendly it was a match made in heaven when Energy Team came to us looking for us to create a new way of learning that would engage people […]

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3 Years Old

It only feels like yesterday that Nebula came into existence but as we hit March 10th we celebrate 3 years in business. Firstly we have to thank our customers who’ve shown their faith in us, […]

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Online Trading Vouchers & Getting the most from them

How to get the most from Online Trading Vouchers There is a relatively under utilised scheme on offer through Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) called the Online Trading Vouchers Scheme. The scheme aims to encourage small businesses […]


Game Launch Prep – What we’ve done

There is an air of nervous excitement around Nebula HQ this week as we count down to our first PC game launch. Everyone has their nose to the development grindstone and the task list is […]


Start up of the Year 2015

Saturday saw the Drogheda Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards take place. We were nominated and shortlisted for Startup of the Year. It was a hotly contested category and we had strong competition but ended up winning […]


Expanding Your Skillset

In the Creative Industry, like many other industries, we have to face learning new skills to keep fresh and up to date. Here are some suggestions if you are looking for something new to add […]


Successfully Pitching to Funders – 10 Tips

Pitching for your first grant or investment can be a daunting task. We’ve in the past pitched to a few funders including a Competitive Start Enterprise Ireland pitch last December for our Kesho Town game. […]


Why you Didn’t get Called for Interview

Between Nebula Interactive and other roles I had in the past I’ve had call to recruit for a wide variety of positions and read a wide variety of CV’s. One of the first tasks when […]


Presenting Slideshows Offsite. 5 great options to wow – reliably

In a previous existence many moons ago I had the glamorous task of travelling to meet companies and present slideshows offsite. I had to be able to travel light and fast via plane, ferry and automobile (no John Candy with me thankfully!) and when I arrived onsite give a presentation that was professional, consistent and most importantly successful. Not an easy task when you turn up and they do / don’t have a projector, with / without a hdmi port, with / without a projector screen…. you get the picture. Basically you had to have everything with you to ensure that what you displayed was not dependent on their accommodation for the meeting. Below are my 5 recommendations for presenting slideshows offsite some battle tested others arrived too late to save me the back ache on my travels

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