Bouncing Email – How to Diagnose the Issue

Bouncing Email – How to Diagnose the Issue

Getting Non Delivery Report (NDR) notifications can be very frustrating for all concerned, particularly when the email was critical, or when you get bombarded with a number all at once.

The trick when figuring the issues is to not make any assumptions but to calmly look at the failure notification and try spot what has caused the issue. More often than not the notice will have a solid reason – albeit buried deep inside a heap of computer jargon and general nonsense!

Depending on your mail server the notices will be differently phrased but the general message is the same. Below are the more common and actions to take to get past this.

Delivery Report What’s Happened Solution
You do not have permission to send on behalf of You may have access to another email address that has received the email and you are trying to reply to. Bring up the option to view ‘from’ field in the email you are sending and select your email address from the list. Alternatively get your administrator to give you ‘send on behalf of’ permission.
User not recognised / no mailbox here The email address you sent to was not recognised Check the email address for spelling issues, check their domain name and see if you’ve sent them mail successfully in the past.
Message Delayed The message hasn’t failed as such but it’s delayed It will probably fail, but check with your server administrator to see if you’re having connectivity issues.
You get a number of failures all at once Server has had an issue, which is either just been fixed or just happened When the queue’s are flushed or a service restarted this can trigger a mass sending of failures. Check with the server administrator and see if it’s good news or bad news.
Your email was blocked by email filter or server. You’ve been blacklisted Check my blog on this one:

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