Boosting Your IT Training Without Blowing the Budget

Boosting Your IT Training Without Blowing the Budget

Sometimes we need to expand our IT Skillset (or start one) but this can be difficult when budgets and time are tight or non-existent. There are guides online and if you use YouTube you’ll find that there’s a video for just about everything you’re looking to do.

However if you’re starting with a clean slate then you’ll want a more structured approach that allows you to learn with feedback and tutor guidance, perhaps even for the sadomasochistic learner there might be a desire for homework and / or projects.

For this I’ve always found that Udacity provides suitable courses ranging from free to reasonably priced with everything you’d look for in an online learning environment. They run courses under the categories of Computers, Science, Business, Design and Mathematics with all skill levels taken into account.

Either that or just buy a Dummies Guide to the subject, that’ll get you started in most topics and they’re kind of the Haynes manuals of our time (which says a lot really)

As always I’ve not been paid for this article or have shares in the project, though I wouldn’t say no to either…

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