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What to Consider when Offering Free WiFi in your Business

Having free WiFi on premises can be an important customer retention tool and just plain useful for companies who have a lot of outside guests coming onsite. But as with all things, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and there are risks and considerations for companies going down that route.

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I can see Clearly now that the Spam has Gone

A bit like a television advertisement for a certain anti-dandruff shampoo, when you tell someone you have email or spam filtering they will often say ‘but you don’t get spam’, to which you reply ‘exactly’.

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Beware the Bespoke Website

We often come across businesses asking us ‘do you do websites?’

The simple answer of course is yes we make and maintain websites but normally that’s not the end goal. They’ve normally already got a website that they like and are just looking for a few tweaks, contact name changes and the like but can’t get hold of the original designer who was insert: on work experience, temp, or family friend etc

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Everything you need to Remember in Evernote

I have what has got to be one of the worst memories at times. I see things online, or out and about and I want to remember but there isn’t a hope that I will at the end of a busy day travelling here there and everywhere.