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Getting Sold a White Elephant Solution

One of the most expensive and largest servers we’ve come across in an inherited site sits in an office with 4 users. They use about 15% of it’s capacity 2 years in and following an audit of licencing it turned out it wasn’t even correctly licensed and cost them an additional few quid to get back in Microsoft’s good books.

Colin   Advice . Digital Studio

Helping Those in Need

Tis the Season of Giving and while times are tough for businesses there are ways and means that all companies can give back to the community from an IT perspective that will help those in need and also maybe keep those 3 Ghosts of Christmas from the bedroom on Christmas night.


What to do if they Pull the Plug

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last number of weeks you’ll be aware that the ESB group of unions have served strike notice effective from 16th December. I’m not going to write an opinion piece or any such nonsense but instead concentrate on what is within our control – ensuring that IT systems suffer the least impact should the placards be brought to bear in a couple of weeks.