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Pick a Proper Password – Say it 10 Times Fast

No it’s not a tongue twister for today it’s a lesson in the obvious for the IT world but one that’s still ignored. Lately Jeremi Gosney in Stricture Consulting Group analysed the Adobe Password file posted online of the hacked 38 million user accounts and posted the top 100 online


Windows XP Retirement – New Computer v VDI Rollout

When faced with the prospect of retiring Windows XP from a network, the task can become quite a headache both financially and technically. The two most common choices are either replacement of existing hardware or migration to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Each has it’s merits and drawbacks and I’ll set them out briefly below. Bearing in mind that this is a big project and every business case will be different it would be wise to enlist the help of a company or consultant that can guide the process.


Windows XP Retirement – Evaluating Options

So you’ve finally made the decision that you can’t in fact wait or bury your head in the sand and hope the Windows XP retirement doesn’t affect you?

It’s all well and good if you’ve only a couple of PC’s / Laptops but what about if you’ve a tight budget or 20+ PC’s all with OEM office? Suddenly the replacement costs are running to 4 or 5 figure sums and the Finance people are starting to cry.


Anatomy of a Domain Name

Domain Names are your little corner of the internet and allow users to find your website easily while giving the internet servers of this world a way of translating human speak into computer speak.

For example today translates into an Internet Protocol (IP) address of This isn’t quite as memorable to us so we’ll stick with the plain English (or at least it’s in the dictionary these days) and DNS servers will handle the translation.


Boosting Your IT Training Without Blowing the Budget

Sometimes we need to expand our IT Skillset (or start one) but this can be difficult when budgets and time are tight or non-existent. There are guides online and if you use YouTube you’ll find that there’s a video for just about everything you’re looking to do.


Bouncing Email – How to Diagnose the Issue

Getting Non Delivery Report (NDR) notifications can be very frustrating for all concerned, particularly when the email was critical, or when you get bombarded with a number all at once.

The trick when figuring the issues is to not make any assumptions but to calmly look at the failure notification and try spot what has caused the issue. More often than not the notice will have a solid reason – albeit buried deep inside a heap of computer jargon and general nonsense!