Game Development

We publish our own range of games via IOS (Apple) and Android devices and embedded web games. In addition we create games for customers to allow them reach new markets and engage new customers who wouldn’t normally respond to traditional marketing methods. Talk to us today about how we can get your brand into new customers hands.

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Mobile Applications

Nebula offer a full mobile application development solution, putting your business into your customers hands. We build beautiful, functional, and engaging apps for IOS (iPhone) and Android. Applications are built to suit the specific requirement and are either native or cross platform. Whether it’s for engagement or function or both check out our portfolio and see how we can help you.

Our Portfolio
Website Design

We offer a complete web design service, bringing together all the trades that you need to make a site with impact. This includes site architecture, social media, artwork, photography, copy writing…everything. We have teamed up with a number of specialist companies in Drogheda to ensure that each area is handled by someone who is an expert.

Our Portfolio

Current Project

Project G

The year is 2110 and humanity depends on secret marine farms for survival. Created by a philanthropic organisation through a century’s tireless work, the aquatic farms are under threat from predators emboldened by an ecosystem in chaos. Cybernetic fish-bots were created to keep this precious food source safe. Then it happened: a glitch? A hack? All you know is that the fish-bots turned from guardians to enemies. Now you stand between the human race and extinction.
In this retro-styled side-scrolling shooter, you pilot your sleek submarine through levels by using keyboard (CTRL to shoot and SPACE to deploy one of your special weapons) or gamepad. The future is a difficult place to find resources and you must earn credits and pick up materials as you conquer levels, then use them to upgrade your ship to match your playing style, or take control of a different model. Select one of three kinds of special weapons to take with you into each battle: depth charges, torpedoes, or nukes. Learn how the world came to this crisis as you collect log entries from those who lived through the decline of the planet, and by compiling them unlock the location of Earth’s final hope, the main research lab of Giga Corp.

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